What a start to a weekend...Bang!

Was terribly stressed on Friday evening but got better when we went out for dinner to the Country Club - tho the drive sucked the evening was nice. Followed that up with poori aloo next morning - and then a quick trip to MegaMart for cheap clothes for all - after which Shubha and Sarika bought stuff at a very nice place called Pari's across the road from Megamart.
We then had a bit to eat ay Woody's and all felt ok with the world - and at the next stop I realized I'd forgotten my cellphone for the first time in my life! Started back to look for it in all the places we had visted - no luck at Woody's. Got back to the car - opened the door to start to get in and BANG! A bike's crash guard rammed into the door and the guy scooted even as I collected my wits - he must have passed within 2 inches of me! Now the door would not shut - Ramesh who had come along to help look for the phone helped me somehow get it closed a bit but it would not lock. Passed the seatbely through it and went looking for the phone anyway - no luck at all.
Good bargains on the clothes but magnitudes more lost on the repairs+phone - Vijay Auto on Bannerghata road gave me an estimate of 7500/- + parts at least.
Ramesh and I pondered over tea how needlessly complicated and involved life has gotten - and perhaps happiness lies elsewhere ...

Update :
Insurance claim forms were filled smoother than I expected - perhaps I've become a little more negative than I need to be about suchlike.
New SIM card for the cellphone took only 10 minutes at the Airtel office.
Will probably get car only on Sunday :( (the final estimate was 13k not 10!!)

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