The Big10 is a success!

Some good news at last - the Big10's are beginning to get used and have become operationally viable! BTIS has also added route maps such as the one for the Sarjapura Road one below on its Big-10 Page - including connections to major points from each stop! Pretty cool.

(click on this for a larger view)

Hopefully the Kendra Sariges will start to get popular soon as well. The more that Bangaloreans take to buses, the lesser of a traffic situation we'll have on our hands.

While on that - the frequency of Volvos on the ORR is pretty good - and on the (old) Airport Road its just astounding - you often see 2 within a few seconds of each other! Volvo tickets are also very very affordable now - with the minumum being a 5 then an 8, 10 and so on. No reason left to drive around yourself, find parking, waste fuel....

On my last bus ride to Airport Road - took a Volvo (the driver was real nice and dropped folks off at the base of the Marathahalli bridge after the scheduled stop at Innovative) and then a Big 10 - both conductors were women! Impressive to see a very good representation of the fairer sex in BMTC buses.

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Glifford said...

That Marthahalli Bridge stop is a regular on the 500 routes :P