Why Education ? What should it do ?

Came across a TED Talk that discussed education as the tool to enable future generations to cope with - lets just say 2065! Please do watch the entire video - the message even through the funny ones is quite profound.

Some stuff I totally buy/liked -

+ Public Education became widespread to "support" industrialization, hence the focus on employability. "Don't study music - you aren't likely to be a musician...!"

+ Delink education and academic ability. They're almost the same as perceived by schools, teachers, students and parents too!

+ Degrees are getting less important. Already. Even for organized industry.

+ The head is not all that needs education, or should not be the sole focus of it all.

+ Make creativity as important as literacy when setting goals for education.

+ Creativity is often the application of multiple disciplines to look at, understand and solve problems, or develop ideas. (The compartmentalization doesn't help).

I'm thinking in terms of a "creativity/learning - session" at my apartment for kids - perhaps some time devoted to random, free thinking every week. Wanna help define/execute this ? Not sure what will come off it, but gotta start somewhere...

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