Bangalore's train network

City’s traffic solution on track?

Another confirmation of what I've dreamt about earlier! Its heartening to know that people in the Railways have already considered this, and sad to see how its been royally ignored. Perhaps to merely accommodate super-expensive Metro like solutions ? We've probably bought into the glitzy vision of the future too strong, ignoring a lot of easier, practical, less "sexy" solutions. Hence the elevated corridors, and Metro, etc.

Fortunately, the existing rail lines can easily complement the Metro/ORR. Will the government please wake up and quickly demonstrate some wisdom ?

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Ramjee said...

5 years back when I first came to bangalore. This was my solution for the traffic. Use the existing railway infrastructure for better connectivity. Then go for the MRTP systems, and sadly it is still true.

On thinking deeply, what sounds logical to us is not logical to the powers that be. A new metro/ new ring road has more money and appeal than reusing the existing infrastructure.