Bangalore Train Commute : More info!

Glifford, who shared the train info with me earlier - responded with a lot of additional info to my earlier post about train commute options in Bangalore - so another entry is probably justified for sharing this:

Thanks Sameer for picking up on what I told you yesterday. I hope many readers of your blog try it out and actually begin using it.

I myself am planning to begin using it.

Well some more details.

Bangalore East <-> Krishnarapuram (one way) is
  • Rs. 2 (lower than a platform ticket!!!) on a normal passenger train
  • Rs. 24 on a Mail/Express train. Either way
way cheaper and faster than any other form of transport.

Bus fare from Krishnarajapuram <-> Kadabeesanahalli (J. P. Morgan, Prestige Tech Park) one way is
  • 20 on a Volvo
  • 15 on a Suvarna
  • maybe 10 or cheaper on Pushpak or regular class (blue) buses.

Still works faster and cheaper than even the (motor)bike or scooter.

And finally, how do you plan your journey? This is what I do. Some time before leaving, I just check the current train status on:,+KJM+&time=24&name=&code=
(for Krishnarajapuram)
or for others search here:

Then plan accordingly considering about 20 mins for a bus ride from my office to KJM. Simple!

Maybe you should update the post with your links. And yes!

These trains are regular up-country trains. Not local trains. But nothing stops us from using them as such as long as we pay the fare and it stops where we want (Mail/Express have reserved compartments which you may choose to use, but not legal).

And yes, IT (or new economy) guys/gals are not the only ones who use it. Many sales people (the credit card types) and courier boys regularly travel to Whitefield station. This is from the conversations I managed to eavesdrop when sitting in these sparsely filled compartments!

Thanks Gliff! Hope to see the utilization of this mode of transport go up!

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