Drive Less.

Car Exhaust, Air Pollution and the Environment: Health Effects of Exhaust Chemicals

Make this a goal in your life. Walk, take the bus (and divide the kms by the number of passengers!). Ride a bike. Whatever. Just reduce the total number of kms per head done in Bangalore (or any city) by 30-40%, and we'll have solved a whole bunch of problems at one go.

Yes you have that usual reason of inconvenient public transport, or timings, or distance.

Same kinda reasons to not go jogging, or running, or start the big project you've been trying to.

We're a rather procrastinating species, it seems. Its starting to boil down to how much longer we want to sustain. Do you want to, or not ? Take a little bit of pain or inconvenience to get started, and try help solve the pain points instead.

Its not someone else's job to do this or that first before it becomes oh-so-totally easy for you to ride/bus/walk. its your job as well.

Come on. Let's shake our collective slumber and zombie-ness and get cracking. Use the automobile when necessary. And preferably, with 4 people inside.

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