...when the iron's hot :)

The Oil PSU strike is a good excuse and a good time to pick a bike up - and reduce your dependence on carbon fuels. Its such a pleasure riding past petrol pumps and not havin the worry in one's head.


* improve your health
* reach office happier (way lesser road rage), quicker (its really true)
* save money
* be greener
* help plan a better city, indirectly!

Re-introduction to Biking @ Redwoods, off Sarjapura Road:

We're doing a session on biking at our apartment on Sunday, the 11th of Jan at around 9:30am with help from the Ride-A-Cycle Foundation and Bangalore Bikers.

What to expect:

* Many snazzy looking bikes!
* Q&A on whats bike fit, and its importance
* Gears - do you need them ?
* Biking scene in Bangalore!
* Commuting by bike - is it really possible ? Issues - safety/clothes/locking, answers.
* What bike ? Where? Servicing? Costs ?
* It costs 20k!!!??? Wow ? Why ?
* Check out/Test ride some bikes.
* Any other questions you might have.

Will try getting some of the folks who deal with these bikes as well. In any case most people there will be able to help out with the various brand, model and price options.

Park Vista, Eastwoods folks, Trinity Woods/Acres and others in the area are welcome as well. Please let your friends around there know. Hope to see as many there as possible....


SloganMurugan said...

Think again: Do more people commute to work on cycles to MG Road/Church Street than cars each day? It looks like that here:

One of the cycle stands in the area.

sameer said...

its not just about the numbers, but about the direction as well.
Yes a lot many do cycle - primarily because thats their only option. Given a decent increase in income etc, a lot many would switch to low end bikes/scooters very easily.
In fact most people ride motorcycles only till they cannot afford a car - and make the switch permanently once they can.
There's social status/"coolness" and the mythical "convenience" that drives this behaviour.
The aim of driving the crowd which *can* afford to drive, to take to cycling again, is to reverse this direction, and make it uncool to use personal motorized transport where public transport/cycling will do. That will cause major change in the way we live, the way our cities grow and the carbon footprint we tolerate for the sake of a little convenience or social status.

SloganMurugan said...

I agree. And more power to you. Hope you get more people on board! :)

Big Foot said...

I seriously hope this catches up with more and more people. Additionally its a great way to keep in good health ...

sameer said...

Sure - its happening - one bike at a time :)

@lankr1ta said...

I like your bikes...