Shorter motorized transport distances : Impact! - The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog: The Oregon Report

This gut-feel I've had has finally found some studied proof! There's a report in the above page that drives home the point about more sustainable, dynamic and healthier communities and local economies being encouraged by promoting fewer miles being traveled in motorized transport (especially private, I'd reckon).

Can Bangalore do it ? From what I've been hearing about the BMTC's efforts in the direction, I'd say I'm very hopeful! Its upto the educated car-driven elite, now.


Jayadeep(JDP) said...

I would think that Bangalore needs an intervention of some sort that deters people from driving alone in a 10kmph ride to work! I have been using public transport for 2KM ride to work for a month and I am not sure if BMTC can sustain running their Volvos and Suvarnas with the kind of occupancy. The Vayu Vajras towards Airport is a big money looser for BMTC. In fact I took a ride in a Vovlo bus in peak hour towards MG road and the bus was never full! So I remain skeptical of any major change in Bangalore as things stand.

sameer said...

Yes Jayadeep, some of the services have not had a great uptake yet (tho BIAS-7/8 are usually full!)

However, its true that 38Lakh people in Bangalore still make use of BMTC vs 36Lakhs on private tranportation! If
a) BMTC persists
b) we find more willing/forward looking citizens such as yourself to give it a shot

the utilization can improve, and the number of cars reduced on the roads will alone be worth it, even if from a pure commercial angle it just about breaks even.