Aviation Crutches, and Lessons From The Ash

The unpronounceable (by most) place where the unexpected volcanic eruption spews unwelcome volcanic ash is all over the news.

It scared the airlines who didn't want to lose planes, people.
It left people "stranded" all across the world, since so many could not take a flight into/out of Europe.
It lay bare the fragility of businesses that are perpetually on the edge, operationally. Not healthy!
It forced people to take boats, trains, buses, connections. Meet other people.
It generated bookfulls of stories and experiences. So many people lived a little more.
It forced people to think local in terms of food, produce.
It forced a little humility into mankinds sense of control, conceit.

I think we need a 5 day outage every year!

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Vibhu Rishi said...

cool thought that !