You got 20 years more. To live, or learn.

Sounds like paranoid scare-mongering ? His last round of 'predictions' would have too. But its not that tough to imagine, given the collective state of denial our species has adopted! Be it water, or energy, we refuse to challenge and relook at "life as we know it" and every little battle between convenience and effort towards making a change is lost to the former.

While its probably true that the tipping point might have been reached a while ago, but hey, we gotta try something. At the least, it'll help us adapt more to living a different life - where a lot we take for granted will not be available - easy water, boundless fuel, flights over Europe. We are already paying for the mass produced excessive lifestyle invented and marketed by the last couple of generations, and our kids and theirs will pay the most for it.

Enjoy it while you can, to whatever extent you can. Or learn to grow some food, water, and live with erratic weather real quick.

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Big Foot said...

Lot of environmentalists have said that we have probably passed the tipping point a long time ago. Our measures now are reactive, even if done to 100% efficiency, and can at best be short term measures. Nature is too big a feedback system to control by a few bandages here and there.
Having said that, I interpreted his words slightly differently. I look at the enjoyment part as an active measure of moving closer to nature; dispensing with all the unnecessary clutter we carry around. The more we live without harming the ecosystem the better we can teach future generations who in turn will have to keep doing the same. Evolution will take care of the rest :)

sameer said...

Thats a good take on it! But I do think we still got to try. Who knows what might work. Or at the least, we'll probably figure out how to live with the changing weather, crops etc etc quicker.