Water : Its already happening!

Just go through these:


Its not an in-the-future crisis anymore. We've not only been shortsighted, we're being blind now. The neon, glitz and civic cynicism have pushed us into more or less a denial mode where we rarely put this on our individual priorities, following which collective effort is lacking as well, and are ever-ready to pounce upon any argument that wonders if this is just a bogie being raised by doomsday scenario advocates.

I, for one, am worried. Very. Both about the crisis, and about our continued irresponsible, consumerist attitude towards something thats not just a need and right, but our responsibility as well.

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Big Foot said...

We passed the tipping point long ago; this crisis was set in motion maybe 10 years back when huge influx of IT started but adequate measures were not put in place to handle the growth and demand on resources.

Of course, this is not to say that this is the end. I feel we should think of solutions that will keep growing with demand (some sort of an active feedback system) along with trying to reclaim what is already lost (lakes and tanks etc).

sameer said...

Yeah, at that time water seemed like a plentiful resource so the pricing, usage, promises all took it for granted, and people continued hosing their cars down with subsidized piped water. Now there's a need to look at water as a sacred, limited privilege and figure out how we can optimize every last drop.