Even More dreams for Bangalore ?

Got this in my Inbox. Could we please just get started in Bangalore?

Bicycle now used more often than car

16 December 2008 – Amsterdammers now travel by bicycle more often (on average 0.87 times per day) than by car (0.84 times). In the early 2000s, cars were used on average 1.02 times per day and bicycles 0.90 times per day.

Seventy-three percent of Amsterdammers over 12 years old own a bicycle, up from 68% in the early 2000s. The percentage of Amsterdammers who have a car available has remained stable.

Car use dropped in all districts since 1990, on average by 14%. Bicycle use increased only within the ring road, by 36%. Centrum is the district where bicycle use is highest and car use lowest, which the municipality ascribes to stringent parking regulations.

Source: Fietsersbond / dIVV / O+S. Photo FaceMePLS

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