The Ride Song

Was having a chat with Vasu of the Bangalore Bikers Club, and something he said triggered this :

Furrows on your forehead
And a sigh in your breath
Think you need a little inspiration

A dull ache in your muscles
Sick building syndrome ?
Get out - get some invigoration

A little bit of sunshine
You'll be just fine
Hit the pedals and feel alive
A gentle rush - hey
It's made your day
Go the distance,
C'mon, do the ride

Push, ache
Give, take
Feel the things
That are never fake
Everything is the way that it should be
Thrill, tears,
Unconquered fears,
Demons shout
But no one hears,
You slowly get over the hill, and see

The little bit of sunshine
Its filled your mind
You plunged and you are now a-live
The gentle rush - hey
You've found your way
Did the distance,
And you spread the light.

Of a wonderful life.

The TFN site has it too

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