Longer TFN Ride

Was earlier planning to do the Tour of Nilgiris days 3-5 but just decided to do days 1 and 2 as well! Thats a total of between 450-500kms - part of it I may do in support vehicles since I want to really really do the Ooty climb and not get too tired before that.

Now I'm not sure I've trained enough. A short 60km ride last weekend felt quite easy, but multiple days of sustained long distances is a totally different deal.

The reasons for doing this ?
  • God knows when next
  • 25th is a holiday, and I'd have taken a bus on the 26th morning anyhow
  • I have done 2 150km rides.... (touch wood)
  • The road tyres have given hope
  • Shubha said "do it"
  • The Ambulance, Physio, the promise of the "sports massage" and Dr Chandra's words which assured they'd keep us going :)
  • Company - you often can do more
  • Support vehicles - plan to not push too hard on days 1 & 2. Esp day 1.
Let's see how this goes....


Ravi said...

Go Boy Go ..!
You are the one ..

Vasu said...

Now I have to work more because you are also riding days 1 and 2 - have to get a Tee/banner/flag to put on you which reads "Want a source of inspiration - Look at me"

Vasu said...

Now I know... this is the Meghna-effect!! sahi hai!!

sameer said...

Or, flag for "caution - rider flat on the road ahead" ;)
Let's see how far this goes...

Jayadeep(JDP) said...

Go for it man! But listen to your body well, there is life (and more importantly cycling) after TFN as well! So take it easy and enjoy the ride!

Viral Sachde said...

Good Luck

Pradeep B V said...

Looking forward to see you on TFN from day one!

I am sure you will have fun.

and as you said, I will be there in the support car and look out for you.

Sameer Panchangam said...

You can do it buddy!

TFN is probably the beginning of bigger things to come! :)

Sameer Panchangam

Biju said...

Awesome dude. All the best with your effort.

/Heed JDP's wise words though.

陳奕迅Eason said...