More dreams for Bangalore ?

e² | transport | paris: vélo liberté | PBS - a good quick tour of community owned biking efforts in Paris. Narrator : Brad Pitt!

Imagine a 2 kilometer radius around Cauvery Jn (M.G. Road and Brigade Road) off limits to ALL private transport - and open to
  • electric buses
  • a few electric Taxis (Revas)
  • cycles
Now imagine there being a pool of cycles - available at each entry/exit point to this city core. Imagine enough cycle lots, a standard "fare" for the bikes with a part refund when you drop it off. Imagine a standardized bus prepaid fare for this zone. Imagine less road space in the town center and more of the existing roads converted to tree lines boulevards and gardens.


(We might actually start visiting that part of town again!)

(If not Bangalore, who else? We're progressive, or are we?)

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SloganMurugan said...

Are we? I doubt it.