The Choices For Kashmir

Gurcharan Das writes a very simple, straightforward and relevant piece on Kashmir's choices.

I agree (I point to the Valley alone when I say Kashmir). I have a fear that the wrong choice may already have been made - owing partly to poor PR skills on the Indian government and media's part, and to Neanderthal reactions from some political parties seeking to score political points in this issue of serious implications.

However, if the choice is indeed what the cacophony suggests it is, and if its proven to be thus by a referendum that we must conduct, then we must let go. And let go with a complete dissociation. All those who choose the idea of India our welcome. And all those with a parochial outook - bye.

I hope, if the average Kashmiris do think India's a better bet, that they muster the courage to come together and subdue the shrill voices we're hearing right now.

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