Increasing Polarization ?

Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi unable to buy houses cause of their religious affiliation ?

If true, its a very serious situation. I can say with confidence that Bangalore is way way way better than that (though, because of my name - assumed to be community specific in Bangalore, I have been sometimes asked "the question" when I tried renting a house some years ago. But by and large people live, eat, travel where they want to).

If true - this means to me that Gujarat and now Mumbai have gone down the drain as far as citizen's security is concerned, or even common ordinary folks, or even the leading lights of the places, have all become fundamentalists.

I hope to God she's wrong. I hope to God this was in frustration from a one-off incident. 61st "independence" day ? Hmmmmm......

I'm sticking to Bangalore. Shabana, Javed, you're welcome here too.

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