Commute Data for Bangalore

Am trying to gather commuting data for Bangalore. The idea is to see whats happening, and whats possible. Of course, will pass this on to those promoting cycling, and hope to see a lot more pedallers on the roads :)

Will keep this open till there's enough data and then publish it here.

Please take this survey and pass it on to colleagues/friends.

Survey : Commuting in Bangalore


  • 66 responses so far.
  • 51.5% ppl commute < 15kms to work
  • 56% take the car(25.8%)/2 wheeler. And this survey first went out to a cyclists' (15.2%) list
  • 71% people have divided roads - Bangalore sure has improved. A mere 10.6% have unpaved surfaces enroute.
  • 30.3% folks go at 8-9am, another 30.3% at 9-10am
  • 77% people leave bet 5-8pm. Shows on the roads
  • Average Speeds: 37.9% <>
  • 30.8% ppl encounter a jam once a day, 29.2% find multiple jams everyday
  • 65%+ folks do groceries within a km! Thats nice. Walk ? Drive ?
  • 39.4% exercise rarely, another 24.4% only "sometimes"
Will put the details up once it crosses 100.

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