More on the Shabana Azmi utterances

This happened yesterday.

In the entire speech interview (which is very different, cause the questions often lead down certain paths), she:
  • mentioned the first hand experience of difficulty in buying a house in Mumbai
  • started off with the fact that she considers Muslims safer in India, and that they have a bigger say because of democracy.
  • held that the Muslim leadership needed to do more for an image change
  • clearly said that Muslims "is allowing itself to listen to the fundamentalists , who actually are not their leaders at all".
  • said that there was a gap in understanding the community on the part of those outside it.
Its a rather honest assessment, springing from a bitter first hand experience (not debating whether its true by and large, etc - but its her experience, and she has a right to state it). Its absurd to read any of those points in isolation, as the media have done, and that Mr. V Naidu has promptly pounced upon and denounced as anti-majority, anti-national!!! Pray whats anti-majority/nation in stating one's first hand pain, and reflecting on your own community's problems in addressing issues that impact them ?

I understand the need for sensationalism - but this is twisting things way out context. Way too much.

Disgusting. The media, polity and all of that. So ready to bend anything for their petty PR gains. Yuck.

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