Cycling - aches, pains, postures and glossary

I have had a dull ache in the calf muscles for a week or so - and did some reading up about this. Am sharing what I've learned through this - its not first hand knowledge, and you should talk to a doc if you have specific issues.

  • Learn about Cadence. Yeah its a technical term, but a useful one-read
  • Don't trust your instinct alone - most of us associate "pushing hard" with developing fitness - and there are times where its useful, but mostly counter productive, for bikers
  • Read this
  • And this : The physiology of cycling,, pains, etc is good to keep in your head
  • Stretching not only helps, but is very critical for overall fitness.
  • Other pains, injuries. Correct Saddle height, riding technique, are all important as you start doing longer distances.
Happy riding - and see you on the roads :)

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