Bravo Adrian Sutil

Sutil devastated at losing fourth. - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

It was the saddest moment of my F1 viewing life - Kimi Raikkonen taking out Adrian Sutil's Force India car that he'd driven so amazingly to get upto fourth from 19th! And with merely 3-4 laps to go!!

Somehow - both Ferraris had seemed twitchy for a lot many laps before the incident itself. And after the pitstop where Sutil took over 4th place from him, Kimi was looking rather desperate and edgy, only to lose grip horribly in whats ultimately a racing incident, but way more than that for Adrain Sutil and FI.

Drive of the day, Sutil! And I hope the opportunity is created again for a fantastic race like you drove yesterday.

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