Travel Bug

Why do I travel ?

Relax.Do Nothing.De-stress.
Appreciate.Share.Make Friends.Accept
Beleive.Feel-good.Claim.Self Image
Ride.Walk.Push Hard.


Why do I think ?

Addendum: talks about why a travel book should be written ? Yeah, sometimes you do get bits and pieces of anthropology and politics as you travel, but similarly, there's history, food, traditions and most importantly, the sense of connections with something else you've seen somewhere else, the similarity, or contrast, that make it an adventure. At the end of the journey, there're a hundred new questions, and the start of another journey in them.

I guess each of those that Theroux castigates is one or piece of the complete story, and from the camera toting tourist to the 6 month-trip backpacker they all take some of it, a little at a time.

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