The real costs of globalised, cheap, 24/7

Environmental Cost of Shipping Groceries Around the World - New York Times

I used to love waiting for red juicy carrots in the winter. Our kids pretty much have no clue that carrots and the winter have a correlation.

Have always held thats it merely absurd economics and artificial calculation of costs that make it worthwhile to ship stuff like everyday food needs, toys etc across continents. This kind of stuff should be sourced as locally as possible. Specialized produce, say, Chinese Silk, or high-grade electronics, etc, is worth shipping around and the fact should get reflected in its costs, which include huge costs in terms of environmental damage caused by a lot of not-really-necessary shipping. Its the mad urge for "growth" not really needed by the market, but only be the sellers and their shareholders, that perpetuates this. Of course, the consumers now been "trained" to expect anything, anytime, and cheap.

Its also nice to go someplace and discover its food and produce. Not have it available in your neighbourhood mall, all year round, for a pittance.

Also, often, since the export market is more lucrative, the local market may be deprived of certain products.

How blind have we been ? And continue to be. I hope this move catches on.

And the carrots are merely orange, and not quite the same.

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