Food Honour!?????

Bush’s Food Remark Irks India

Whats the big furore about ? Bush might be wrong, or partially right, but all he's said is that we're getting more prosperous, which is good, and when people get more prosperous they eat better and (especially if they were eating less than normal), more. If "people" is a sizeable number, which we are, its bound to affect demand supply!

I would have never imagined a day I'd be "defending" Gerorge W, but the affront that India collectively took was mystifying. Did nobody read beyond the screeching, shrill headlines ?

Its not my call to say whether this was the only factor contributing to the food crises and prices going northwards. But if I were in a generally speculative mood, it would surely be one possible factor, and I'd actually be quite happy and take pride in the reason, while worrying about the impact. Shouldn't we be happy that at least a decent percentage of the population is eating better?


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