Coalition groanment [edit:maybe not!]

Coalition government likely again in Karnataka

Oh no. Hope there's a swing in someone's favour - don't care who as long as its not the Gowda gang. Unlikely tho - given that he could provide the "support from outside" to either party and have his say in everything. Yet another series of frozen-in-time, inactive, governance-less governments ?

Did my vote even matter ?

Update: Looks like the BJP is headed for a 112+ seats, based on leads. Phew. Yediurappa is certainly not my first choice as CM, given his flair for melodrama and his demonstrated small-thinking ways. But most importantly, no coalition, and then there are a few sane leaders in whats a rather centrally controlled party and hopefully Yediurappa will have decent orders from upstairs guiding policy etc.

The BJP has sobered down a lot, but for Monster Modi, and I'm staying positive on this for now. Biggest takeaway is that Mr. Gowda will have not too much of a say. Not that earlier single party govts have always been forward thinking and development focused, but this is nearly the last chance we have to move forward.


Update 2: Looks like the BJP will fall short of 112 by 4-6 seats. Oh well, they should still manage to "woo" (read, cash, Ministers posts and other benefits) a few independednt - but am sure wily old HDDG will be trying his damndest right now to manufacture some way of having a say. Hope I'm wrong and he's merely considering retirement from politics. That'll be really good for the state.

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