Kanua Again

Friends from Hyd were here - took them and a bottle of Grover's to Kanua. Peeked into Quetzel for a few minutes before that - its always a delight to see the store with its smart designs and bright colours.

Kanua, as always, was a delight to just enter and sit down in. In fact, with the great weather and gentle breeze, even more so. Soft lighting, soft music and a relax-all-you-can ambience helps the mood. Had Soorna Kachdi, Podhis, and some great food after that. They requested we keep the bottle with them - regulations, I guess - and served wine in regular glasses. But very very nice evening with good company and free flowing, candid conversation.

There are some places, people and times of life that make you feel very positive. T'was one of those.

Edit: Their contact/numbers here. No kids allowed for Fri/Sat/Sun dinners these days :(

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