100kms Up!

Crossed the 3 digit mark on the way to work today on the bike! Haven't missed a single day of commute-on-the-bike since I started 6 days ago. Had a chain slip today - and it got caught between the front cog and the cover - and wouldn't budge. An auto guy smilingly obliged when I asked for a screwdriver, and that was fixed in a jiffy.

Yesterday was great too -

Cut pasting from an email thread:

Yesterday got "mobbed" by 3 traffic cops at Sony World while I waited for traffic to pause :)

what is this - battery ? no, lights
geared ? yes, 24
Cost ? 15k [ ok i lied, tried to lessen shock, to no avail ]
15k ???? 1-5-0-0 ? No, 1-5-0-0-0
why? Sir you can easily go up Nandi Hills on this.
Alone ? No carrier/lover-geever along ? (smile) no sir, alone. Married, two kids, saar.
(Vigorous head-shake) ? Exercise, saar, and no pollution
Good good! (way clear) ok sir, have to go now....

:) I think I'll meet all the people I've never met on my commute

In fact the commute's been full of interesting episodes - for other people as well. Here's a link to a thread where people are posting their road experiences.

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