Cheap Plastic, eh?

Reusable Bags - The Real Cost of "Free"

Shouldn't everything packaged, especially in plastic, have a carbon-credits cost added to it ? Similarly, shouldn't stuff transported over a long distance have a larger carbon credit tax added as compared to stuff brought in locally ? Should not it be worth it to NOT chop down Amazon forests for crop grown for producing bio-fuels?

Oh I nearly forgot! We're the generation who merrily borrows from our future. We're the ones who're "tactical" - and have ensured "better lifestyles" at the cost of risking life itself as we know it. We're the civilization which competes amongst us for "growth" - whether we need that growth or not. The endless debates on the definitions of various needs is pointer enough. We're a bunch of short-sighted morons, nothing less.

Sorry - feeling a little grumpy, cynical and pessimistic about our planet and us. Actually I take that back. The planet will probably survive.

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