First ride to work

Had Cramsters to carry for a fellow (motor)biker - so asked Nikhil to swing by in an auto and carry them for me. Handed them over near Springfields and left along with the auto.

The butt felt a little sore from last evening's ride - though surprisingly that was the only noticeable after-effect. In a few minutes that eased up - and the gears slotted relatively easily - though shifting the front gears will take me some more practice. Soon was climbing the only (gentle) ascent of my entire commute - from the ORR intersection towards Iblur Camp - at a fairly easy pace since I did not want to push myself too hard all of a sudden. From thereon it was gentle easy riding, took the first right after the lake and stayed as much as possible on the back-roads. Getting past the Sony World lights was a breeze, cause the pavement was suddenly legitimate territory, and drop-offs not a problem :D

As I got to office, Nikhil was just walking up the stairs - so I managed the same time as an auto, at least. And as the legs get more used to this, I should manage an average speed of more than the 18.3kmph that I did today.


The ride back was a bit more strenuous - my limbs were beginning to speak to me a bit, plus right from Sony World all the way home is a gentle upslope except a short patch or two. I was probably also a little tired after a long day at work. But the after effects wore off in 10 mins and a glass of water, so the optimism is alive!

Is my carbon-credit meter ticking on nicely or what :)