Black, White, Wheels!

Got it! The Merida SUB 40-V in Black and White, with a touch of Red!

Rode 15+kms to home. Got the first flat within 5 kms - a sharp nail being the culprit.

Venkatesh was there to help right away - he and Prashant - another rider - fixed the flat in moments. Gotta learn this stuff. Prashant rode back upto BTM - did a lot of pavement riding too.
I will take a couple of days to "slot" into traffic. Gotta get a good helmet, too.

Feeling good - a little surprised how easy the first 15 felt. Am looking forward to both the commute and some serious riding. More pics at

Edit: And I must mention this - what got me started on this journey was BOTS - and Rohan and Nikhil's infectious enthusiasm and help with the entire process.


Prasant said...

Good Going Sam !
With that kinda bike .. you have to use all the features of the road.. All the best !
Have fun on and off the road :)

Nishad (a.k.a. 21|dahsiN) said...

Nice bike !
Even I am planning to get a MERIDA soon

Anshuman said...

Nice ride! I myself bought a TREK 4300D 2 weeks back though dont use it to commute to work in hot NCR weather.

Nimesh said...

Interesting stuff, buddy! Will get the dope on it next time I am in Bangalore. I rode a bicycle to work and other chores for a year and a half when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sameer why picked up the merida and not the TREK ?

sameer said...

Yeah, like the Merida's visual appeal, and actually ended up upgrading to the next model :)

陳奕迅Eason said...