Bengaluru Railway Station Revisited

Had gone to SBC after a long time yesterday to see parents off. They were carrying 140kgs of luggage - moving cities after retirement - so we thought it best to book the extra luggage.

Here's a quick recap of/facts from the experience:

  • The allowance on a IInd A/C fare is 50kgs per head for free, though you can carry upto 100kgs inside the compartment itself.
  • The luggage booking office is on platform #1 - close to where the subway stairs are.
  • You get trolleys and porters to ferry it for you - we parked near PF8 and paid about 400/- to PF1 and back.
  • Wanted to book stuff in the break van, but they insisted we should've "come in advance" for that. We did not get to figure out what timeframe that implied.
  • It was about 10/- per kg for excess luggage over 100kgs
  • Since the idea was to avoid inconveniencing other passengers, we "requested" the attendant on the Rajdhani to manage some of the luggage in the space where they store blankets etc. 200/- :)
Also came back with some positives about the Railway Station:
  • There's now a passenger/freight elevator leading to the subway - and its made life very convenient. Carting the trolley to PF1 took barely 10 mins.
  • The Rajdhani looks pretty funky now with Airtel having redone most of it. Here's a pic:
  • The platform ticket through SMS still works - very cool
  • Platforms are pretty clean, mostly

There's a temple on the platform at SBC!! Never noticed it in all these years. [ Courtesy M S Gopal ]


Gopal M S said...

And did you that they have a temple... on Paltform 7:

sameer said...

Wow - never noticed it - will add a link to that in the post!

Goli said...

how do you get the platform ticket through sms, post details as well, that would be useful. :)

sameer said...

53939 (its mentioned on those boxes, usually)
Next time, to find such info or anything else, send a query to 57575665 (5757LOOK) or go to :D