Lovin' it ?

After a long time we mustered up the courage to venture out on a Saturday evening - albeit to the close-by Total Mall in Madivala. Following Akshat's keyboard performance at school, the kids had been promised a much awaited trip to the Golden Arches, and their excitement itself was reason enough to brave traffic, the rain and the crowds.

Surprisingly, it was a nice experience at McD's for a change. Not the food - there are better burgers all over town - and the Fish Fillet I tried was the suckiest fish I've had (tho I'm no connoiseur when it comes to any form of meat), but the overall experience was definitely good. For one, the kids totally loved it and there were no bored-kids-to-be-distracted fires to be put out :) Also, the staff is trained to be kid friendly, and I even sent Akshat to get stuff, and both of them seemed at ease. Of course, the "window" seat, the India-Bangladesh match on the TV right in front, and the gentle rain outside helped the mood overall.

I'd never imagined I'd be caught saying this - but I came close to kinda lovin it.

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